CREEPY Pics of Anthony Saleh Surface: Friendship With Diddy Revealed

Screen shot of Anthony Saleh account

As the music world reels from the shocking allegations of sex trafficking surrounding Sean Combs, aka “Diddy”, eyes are turning to those in his inner circle, including music industry heavyweight Anthony Saleh.

[Photo: Anthony Saleh via Billboard]

Known for managing heavy hitters like Kendrick Lamar and NAV, Anthony Saleh has been quiet about his relationship with Diddy amid the swirling controversy. But our investigation has dug up some eyebrow-raising details that raise more questions than answers.

Remember back in 2017 when Saleh’s Instagram was lit with pics of him living it up at Diddy’s mansion? Yeah, the very same pad that Homeland Security agents stormed through just last month.

[Screenshot: @dudebro (Anthony Saleh) on Instagram]

That’s right, Anthony Saleh and Diddy have been tight for a cool seven years, but now, as Diddy’s in the hot seat, Saleh’s lips are sealed tighter than a drum.

Anthony Saleh and Sean Combs Diddy

What’s even more bizarre? While Saleh’s giving us the silent treatment about his buddy Diddy, some downright disturbing photos surfaced – and we’ve got the screenshots.

The bizarre photos show Saleh at a party, dressed like a baby complete with an oversized pacifier. No joke.

Anthony Saleh dressed as a baby

And this isn’t your run-of-the-mill costume party snap; it’s a photo that, given the current climate of disturbing allegations against Diddy, has sent the internet into a frenzy.

Before the post got locked down, fans were quick to dish the dirt in the comments, saying the snapshot was more than just “disturbing” – it was downright “unsettling.”

One commenter even called the photos an “illuminati humiliation ritual“.

The timing? Couldn’t be worse. It’s like spotting your squeaky-clean neighbor at a dive bar right after he told you he’s sworn off drinking. Makes you wonder, don’t it?

So, what’s the deal with Saleh and Diddy?

With Saleh playing it coy and these strange pics coming to light, fans might be questioning WTF is going on in the music industry. It’s crystal clear that there’s a story here, one more twisted than a soap opera.

As the drama unfolds and the investigation into Diddy’s allegations presses on, one thing’s for sure:

Anthony’s connection to the disgraced rap mogul is under the microscope, and the internet is watching, waiting, whispering. Anthony might have hoped to dodge the bullet by staying quiet, but sometimes, silence speaks volumes.

Is there something devilish going on here? Or is Selah acting merely acting “childish,” and his association with Diddy, purely coincidental?

Anthony Saleh may have ghosted our questions, but the cat’s out of the bag, and it’s only a matter of time before we find out what’s really going down in the world of glitz, glam, and secret handshakes.

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