Britney Spears got the right to expand the conservatorship team

Protecting the star’s interests costs over a million dollars a year, of which 130,000 go to his father Jamie Spears. Meanwhile, a photo taken on the beach sparked the debate: is it her or is it not her?

Michelangelo Di Battista / Sony / RCA via Getty Images

Britney Spears has won a battle in the war that pits her against her father Jamie Spears regarding conservatorship, the form of protection that was imposed on her in 2008 after the public breakdown and health problems. Throughout these years, her father has played a prominent role in controlling the singer’s assets and finances.

Yesterday, Variety reports , a judge accepted a request made by the pop star and his lawyer Sam Ingham to expand the conservatorship team so that the father does not exercise absolute control. Jamie Spears objected, citing the increase in costs. In 2018, the conservatorship cost $ 1.1 million. Jamie Spears himself is paid $ 130,000 a year by his daughter for the role he holds.

The #FreeBritney movement argues that guardianship is a kind of imprisonment for the singer, who among other things would not have the freedom to use social media alone. In a document filed in August, the singer, however, defined the choice to submit to the conservatorship as “voluntary”.

The latest image posted by Spears on his Instagram profile is a beach photo of him sitting on the shoulders of his boyfriend Sam Asghari. The fact that the latter wears a mask and above all that the singer’s face is not visible has generated a series of comments that can be summarized in the two theses: “It’s not Britney” and “It’s Britney, beach!”.

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