Fanboys Marketplace Proves Collectible Toy Stores Are For Everyone

Fanboys Marketplace

Toy stores have the power to unleash the inner child in everyone, and when it comes to collectibles, Fanboys Marketplace is the place to be. Batman, Star Wars, Pokémon, to the latest in anime, Fanboys Marketplace has it all. In addition, the outlet gives customers a vast collection of souvenirs, bobbleheads, and action figures. With a selection like no other, Fanboys Marketplace is hailed as the largest collectible toy store in all of Texas.

The store is a popular destination for superhero fans and comic book readers, but it has also elated many goers despite them not being avid gamers or toy collectors. Fanboys Marketplace specializes in hard-to-find pieces, specialty merchandise, and the latest collectibles in the scene. Besides toys, it also carries art, action figures, comics, games, and many more. It also recently became an official Lego distributor across its locations.

“Even if comic books and collectibles toys aren’t your cup of tea, Fanboys has coordinated with a variety of vendors selling everything from jewelry to custom nightlights. There really is something for everyone,” said Mike Rogers, founder and CEO of Fanboys Marketplace. He originally wanted to build a comic book store to share his passion for reading comic books with more people. “I think we all read comics whenever we were little in some way,” the founder said. 

Fanboys Marketplace has welcomed customers of all ages to its doors, and everyone has found a treasure that made them rekindle their childhood or nourish their love for collectibles. But the enterprise hasn’t always been the way it is today. Before it opened its doors two years ago, the company hosted and participated in events across the globe. Then, with the world coming to a halt because of the global health crisis, the founder decided to pursue his passion for pop culture and comic books. Hence, Fanboys Marketplace was born. 

“One of the things I love about Fanboys is that there are shared interests with the people that come here; people feel a sense of belonging. No matter who you are or what you’re into, you are welcome here,” said Cesar Gamez, Marketing Director of Fanboys Marketplace. “It allows people an opportunity to reconnect with their childhood,” he added.

In addition to constantly filling its aisles with unrivaled collectibles, Fanboys Marketplace also welcomes vendors who would want to share their handmade crafts or hard-to-find items by selling them in the stores’ booths. It also provides vendors with many perks and benefits. 

The Fanboys Marketplace headquarters is located off Camp Bowie, next to Tom Thumb, but it has opened locations in several malls throughout Metroplex. In addition, the company has opened its doors in North East in Hurst and Golden Triangle in Denton. The CEO also revealed that they are currently eyeing expansion to Firewheel Town Center in Garland. Under Roger’s leadership, the fourth Fanboys Marketplace is currently in the works, and it aims to have a presence at every major mall within Tarrant County by the fall of 2022. 

Opening its first store only two years ago, Fanboys Marketplace is truly leading an exceptional growth rate, and there’s no doubt that the company will achieve more as it remains strong despite facing setbacks caused by the pandemic. But even COVID couldn’t stop collectors and enthusiasts from satisfying their passion for high-quality collectibles. 

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