Get To Know Kingh: the next big name in the hip-hop game.

There are so many artists out there trying to make their way to the top of the music industry. However, it is really not that easy to climb on top of this Olympus. There are so many challenges along the way, and there are so many variables to consider. More importantly, there are many artists who simply do not have what it takes to succeed and stand out from their competitors. Thankfully, this is most definitely not the case for Kingh. He is not only a jack of all trades but also a master of all trades! In fact, Kingh is far more than just a rapper. He is an entrepreneur with a passion for taking other artists under his wing and helping them succeed while continuing his own climb to the mountain top. Not only did Kingh manage to become established as a music industry guru, but he is also growing his reputation as a major talent in the global rap community. Before we dive deeper into what the artist is up to these days, let’s take a step back. Kingh was born on April 29, 1998, in the city of Pomona, California. His birth name is Alex Singh, but he adopted the moniker of Kingh at a younger age. Although you wouldn’t be able to tell, his life has endured more than a fair-share of hardships. He was adopted as a baby and grew up in Memphis, the Mecca of the rap industry. Kingh was born with Tourette’s syndrome which made it hard for him to really fit in school like an average kid. He definitely had a lot of energy, and authority did not sit very well with him. This is why he had to bounce from school to school because of various disciplinary troubles he got himself into. However, things actually took a turn in 2015, the year in which he first discovered his passion and talent for making music. All of a sudden, he knew what he had to do. He knew that he was onto something special and that he was meant for something greater. He fit in perfectly with the culture, the sound, and the impact of hip-hop, and he felt at home right away. He spent the following years perfecting his formula up as well as education in audio engineering and music business at Dark Horse Institute (Franklin, TN) until he took up the stage for the first time in 2019, doing shows that the streets received extremely well. As we all know, the global COVID-19 pandemic put a forceful stop on live events and other activities for so many artists out there, but Kingh did not give up. He used the downtime to focus on his music business endeavors and creating amazing music. He has recorded an EP, aptly titled “Quarantine Kingh” which is a perfect example of his artistry and vision. In addition, Kingh has also released a single named “DND”. This song has earned him global recognition and over 50,000 plays on Spotify alone, not to mention the success of the song on other digital music streaming services on the web. Some music industry insiders have even commented on the fact that Kingh might very well take up the center stage in the industry! The world is definitely ready for what this talented artist has to offer, and he cannot wait to be able to share his music with an even greater number of fans! In addition, he is also working with many other artists with his company (Monarch Entertainment), helping them create quality music and distribute it to streaming platforms in such a way that it will be affordable and effective but still successful and accessible for artists of all backgrounds and with all sorts of budgets. Putting music out there should not be complicated! Keep up with Kingh:

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