Meet The New Pop Punk Band That Gives You The Feels.

Meet The New Pop Punk Band That Gives You The Feels.

The Last Second Save is an Annapolis, Maryland based band. The music is focused on the nostalgic feel of the early 2000’s pop/punk scene. Listeners will feel a sense of loss, love, heartbreak and growing up as they listen to the song collection. Jesse, the singer/songwriter wanted people to truly be taken back to the growing up phase in their life and remember the simple days as well as the tough times. Originally this project was a solo project with only an online presence but now it is a full band endeavor that has been playing live showing in the DC/Baltimore area.

Song lyrics are focused on love, loss, nostalgia and growing up. Compared to Jamestown Story, Something Corporate, The Postal Service and blink-182. 

About The Songs: 

One Last Goodbye focuses on losing someone and saying goodbye for the final time. Arguably the most popular song and very relevant to most people who went through the last few years.

I Remember is about growing up and leaving the past behind but always remembering where it all started. 

Lonely Crowd is about a long week’s end and spending it with good friends. 

Tremble tells the story of people dealing with natural disaster and picking themselves up from it. Featuring Sofi Maeda. 

Paint It Red is most similar to Linkin Park. Heavy, deep lyrics with an awesome rap bridge part.Miss Me When is the most recent release.  It is a nostalgic song about growing up and moving away from a childhood home.  It features well know pop punk icon AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer!

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