Milou Sky Drops a Brand New Banger : ‘Whose Garden Is This?’

Milou Sky

Milou Sky
has released another amazing new track! This is a fantastically fun new song called “Whose Garden Is This” and it is quite a jaunt!

I love the hip-and-dreamy quality of this, the lush vocals and beautiful production. There are many elements at play in the production here, and it makes for a very magical listen. This vibe ridden track has so much going on in it, with all kinds of musical elements playing together to make something that is almost…magical? There are so many subtle details that you might miss on first listen but once you start paying attention to everything going on, it’s hard not to be impressed by what you hear. Recently Milou Sky has been making quite a name for themselves! After a successful rollout of ‘Memories in Space’, the track released an acoustic version that was well shot and captivating. Listen to their newest masterpiece here.

While Milou Sky’s newest song has just been released, they will be playing at the Whisky Agogo on June 25th, where they will perform both of their recent releases. While Milou Sky is just beginning to take off with their music and obtain recognition, it’s not a secret that they deserve their newfound recognition.

The song is a captivating, hip-beauty that you simply cannot stop listening to. It’s as if the band’s sound has been immaculately cultivated. It’s as if you have discovered an oasis in an otherwise difficult place. Milou Sky’s music is unlike anything else you’ll hear. The band’s brand of pop rock is so effortlessly charming that you can’t help but fall hopelessly in love with them. Whether you like to dance, sing-along, or just sit back and relax while their music plays, you’re bound to get a kick out of their music. But as much as we love their music, we also love the stunning visual aesthetic of this band. They are simply breathtaking! Listen to “Whose Garden is this” on Spotify, and all major streaming platforms now!!!

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