Remakes: Harrison Dolan’s Unique Blend of Authenticity and Innovation

New York, NY – In the bustling and often chaotic landscape of the New York music scene, one name stands out for its refreshing originality and unwavering commitment to authenticity: Remakes. The solo project of Harrison Dolan, Remakes is carving a unique lane with a sound that defies genre boundaries and challenges the norms of the entertainment industry.

A Diverse Musical Journey

Harrison Dolan, the creative force behind Remakes, is not just a musician; he is a multi-talented artist who sings, raps, writes, and produces every beat of his music without using samples. His eclectic sound blends alternative rock, hip-hop, indie pop, and jazz, resulting in a musical experience that is as diverse as it is original. Influenced by iconic artists like Joni Mitchell, Phoenix, and Tyler, the Creator, Harrison’s music is a testament to his dedication to standing out from the crowd.

A New Identity for a Fresh Sound

Originally releasing music under his own name, Harrison rebranded his project as Remakes in 2024. This change was driven by a desire to distance himself from feeling like a product and to criticize the entertainment industry’s penchant for producing uninspired remakes. “I wanted to ironically name the band Remakes and make music that’s completely fresh and original,” Harrison explains. “Plus, as humans, we’re all remakes of people who came before us.”

Balancing Passion with Professionalism

Despite balancing a full-time job from 9 to 5:30, Harrison remains deeply committed to his music. His recent EP, WAVE 1, showcases his ability to produce compelling, authentic music while juggling professional responsibilities. The upcoming single, AQUARIUM, set to release in the summer of 2024, promises to continue this trend of innovation and authenticity.

A Self-Made Musician

Harrison’s commitment to independence is evident in every aspect of his musical journey. Without the backing of a label or an advance, he has carved out a path on his own terms. Preferring the creative freedom of working from home over the high costs of professional studios, he demonstrates that financial constraints need not hinder artistic expression. This DIY ethic is a cornerstone of his philosophy, proving that passion and determination can overcome any obstacle. “Being independent is crucial to me,” Harrison emphasizes. “It allows me to maintain control over my music and stay true to my vision.”

Global Experiences and Real Impact

Harrison’s musical journey has taken him far beyond the stages of New York. From booking his own shows in Los Angeles to teaching music to children in Ghana, his experiences are as varied as his musical influences. These diverse experiences fuel his creativity and deepen his commitment to using music as a tool for inspiration and change.

A Musical Legacy

Coming from a musical family, Harrison’s passion for music runs deep. His father, a jazz flute player active in New York City from the 70s through the 90s, and his brother, a guitarist in the funk rock band Peach Party, have undoubtedly influenced his musical path. Harrison’s 18 years of experience as a drummer further underscore his dedication to his craft.

Join the Journey

Remakes is more than just a music act; it is a movement towards authenticity and originality in an industry often marred by imitation. By embracing his genuine self and creating music that tackles real emotions and issues, Harrison is proving that true success comes from staying true to one’s roots and passions.

For more updates and music, follow Remakes on Instagram @remakesmusic and on TikTok (changing to @remakesmusic on July 1). Check out his music on YouTube and Spotify under the name Remakes.

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