Aidan Sowa and Sowa Marketing Agency Propels Businesses to the Forefront of Industries With Unrivaled Communication Expertise

Sowa Marketing Agency

Digital marketing, lead generation, strengthening online visibility–many of these could sound overwhelming to entrepreneurs, but Aidan Sowa created a solution that simplifies the need to build an online presence. Together with his team at Sowa Marketing Agency, a creative, visionary agency, Sowa is helping entrepreneurs amplify their brands and businesses even amid the COVID-19 pandemic through web design, marketing, branding, and individual brand. 

Sowa Marketing Agency specializes in digital promotions to boost its client’s media supremacy. The company is home to a team of communications experts, all committed to helping their clients achieve their goals. Sowa Marketing Agency operates with a world-class standard for every communication and marketing need. With their dedication to excellence, Sowa and his team have gained a respectable reputation for delivering marketing masterpieces consistently. The agency also keeps its clientele in a manageable circle to ensure that each one is provided with tailored approaches perfectly suited for their needs. But this is not to say that the company veers from expansion. Today, the agency is preparing to open its doors to more New York-based clients and expand its reach in the industry. 

“We specialize in helping entrepreneurs get featured in the media, guaranteed. Unlike 99% of companies out there, we guarantee our clients’ media placement in major media outlets such as Yahoo!, Buzzfeed, ABC, etc. I am proud of the connections we have built and the media attention which we have brought both to our clients and our company,” said Sowa. “We are a full-service company that aims to help entrepreneurs to brand themselves as a local authority and then leverage it utilizing Linkedin, our proprietary local domination tactics and lead generation. From them, we help our client put that knowledge into a course or scale their business to seven or eight figures,” he added. 

The agency is known for its three-step process. First, create a reputation for their clients by showcasing their story on platforms such as ABC, NBC, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Forbes. Second, build visibility by leveraging social media channels. And third, create local dominance by applying a unique approach to target communities and scaling up their activities to seven or eight profitability figures. Besides getting featured on the pages of major media platforms, Sowa Marketing Agency also specializes in producing podcasts, scaling ads, and growing a social media presence using a variety of research-backed techniques. Among their notable clients are Christa Centolella and John Houston, a real estate agent in Coachella Valley. 

As an entrepreneur himself, Sowa understands the plight his clients are going through and encourages them to take risks, stay out of their comfort zones and watch things grow exponentially over time. 

“We believe that entrepreneurship is built on risk, and it is necessary in order to achieve anything. The biggest risk you can take for your company is not taking any risks at all. We have invested in a lot of softwares to figure out how to best serve our clients, and this was a huge financial risk at the start of my business,” Sowa said.

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