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The Peel Connection

Skincare is both a luxury and a necessity. It allows you some time to relax and pamper yourself while giving you glowing, healthy skin at the same time. A chemical peel is one skincare treatment that continues to prove its efficiency over the past decades for its astounding benefits. It uses skin-friendly acids to cast off dull surface cells and infuse the underlying skin with ingredients that diminish lines, build collagen, and improve tone. To help people achieve healthy skin glow through proper chemical peel application, The Peel Connection changes the game with safe-to-use chemical peels while paying attention to skin types and Fitzpatrick. 

Based in Beverly Hills, The Peel Connection is the brainchild of Nidah Barber-Raymond, licensed esthetician, entrepreneur and peel expert. The trailblazing entrepreneur created her brand to help people tackle skin conditions and have brighter, smoother skin that will boost their self-confidence. She utilizes an innovative chemical peel procedure that is gentle to the skin and safe to use even at home. 

Backed by years of research and trials and refining the process to get the right proprietary formula for people of different skin types and colors, The Peel Connection takes a multi-layered approach to chemical peels that can be used on the body as well as the face. The brand’s unique blend contains AHA/BHA, providing light to medium-depth peels that penetrate the epidermis or uppermost layer of the dermis to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, decongest cells, boost collagen production, and speed cell turnover.

As someone who understands that filters are tremendous, but skincare is better, Nidah’s journey began in March 2009 after receiving a chemical peel. The immediate result of a tighter, brighter, smoother skin made her realize its astounding benefits. She then immersed herself in learning about every chemical peel in the industry, its indications, ingredients, and effects. Through her years of research, she found that many popular peels often contain phenol, an ingredient that has been demonstrated to cause scarring and cardiac, renal, and pulmonary toxicities. 

To create a peel line that offers all the benefits of a chemical peel without the side effects, the industry leader collaborated with her Ph.D. chemist to create a compelling and diverse product with a results-driven approach to skincare. As a result, Nidah developed a proprietary peel using high-quality and heavily tested formulas. 

The company’s flagship product is ClearPeel, a modified Jessner solution that includes lactic, salicylic, citric acid, PigentLift and TCA 15%. Designed for multi-layered application. The company’s chemical peels are of moderate strength, safe for use at home. They target pores and texture, hyperpigmentation, evening out skin tone, acne, and wrinkles. 

Since launching, Nidah’s multi-layer chemical peel procedure has become clients’ favorite, with five star reviews on rating platforms like Yelp. One of the reviews reads, “If you’re looking for the best chemical peel in Los Angeles, look no further. Nidah is amazing. I’m a month out on my first facial peel, and I see such a huge difference: my skin is smoother, has a glow, and is less red. In all, I can say that after a month, I’m so happy at how my skin turned out, and I can’t wait for my next peel!”In the coming years, Nidah Barber-Raymond, through her brand, The Peel Connection, aims to continue expanding her peel line helping individuals feel more confident in their skin, and allowing them to advocate for their own skin health through home peel use.

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