Who is MODE12 and what is a Ghost producer?

The music industry can be quite a difficult one to understand. You listen to the radio. You hear your
favourite artist who is credited for the song. But did you know that in the majority of cases the
artists gaining all of the accreditation does very little?

You only have to log onto any credible song credit site such as allcredits.com and search for your
favourite artist or song. Then click on the credits. All of sudden, there are 7-10 individuals credited
for making the track. And your favourite artist is only one of them.

Let me delve deeper into pandoras box.

You probably had no idea that many artists and major labels use music producers (commonly known
as “ghost producers”) who produce songs for a fee and gain absolutely no royalties or credit for the

On that subject, meet MODE12, the music producer who spent 10 years working as a ghost producer
under strict contracts, has now released his debut single, a 2022 version of Baby D- Let Me Be Your

The song features male vocals from Daniel Pearce (DTale), an ambitious switch up from the original.
This track looks set to be a summer smash

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