Will Basta and Ascend Ecom Bringing Aspiring Entrepreneurs Closer to Their Dream Through the Power of Ecommerce

Will Basta

Starting and scaling a business can be very daunting and intimidating, even more so for those going through the journey alone. Given this, many aspiring entrepreneurs aim to have an excellent support system that can guide them along the way. In the ecommerce space, the name Ascend Ecom stands out for its remarkable services that help budding business owners through the experience of building a thriving online store.

One of the key factors allowing the outstanding enterprise to achieve such great renown is the leadership of co-founder Will Basta who has an extensive experience of over ten years in the tech industry and five years in ecommerce. 

He played a pivotal role in the company’s success with his impeccable work ethic that champions positivity, gratitude and relationship building. Moreover, the admirable individual serves as an anchor and a pillar to the organization by consistently inspiring the team and its clients to pursue excellence.

As a testament to his immense business acumen, the serial entrepreneur has been involved with numerous thriving ventures. Currently, he is working on several projects, such as real estate and hospitality projects abroad, as well as an independent film. On top of that, the go-getter is involved in developing a real estate portfolio and eco-luxury rental brand currently in its first phase, focusing on Venice Beach, California.

But of course, Ascend Ecom remains one of his most successful ventures. The innovative brand has provided its services to partners and clients for two and a half years. It is most known as a platform allowing business owners to launch, operate, and scale digital shops. In addition to its proprietary strategies and systems, the automation company primarily uses Walmart and Amazon to help clients and partners build sustainable digital assets.

When asked what motivated him to develop such an intuitive enterprise, the insightful man responded, “We noticed a gap in the industry—too many providers out there with inefficient leadership, operations, and simply lacking ethics and proper execution. My driving force in the industry is to legitimize the automation space and provide long-term value to our partners and investors. We want to lead with transparency, innovation and sustainability.”

In addition to being a stellar ecommerce growth agency, Ascend Ecom is a multifaceted and comprehensive organization that is also a logistics company and wholesale distributor, the first of its kind in the industry. As co-founder Will Basta proudly shared, “We exclusively run a hybrid business model for sourcing products and have two Ascend warehouse facilities. We do not outsource any part of our business.”

He added, “Our short-term goal is to keep rolling out new innovative initiatives for our client’s businesses to help accelerate their ROI. Our long-term goal is to expand our offerings outside of ecommerce for clients and truly leverage our client base to develop more investor-focused programs, potentially in real estate.”

Will Basta has proven to be a reliable expert committed to helping others grow and thrive. With his mentorship and Ascend Ecom’s strategic programs, aspiring business owners will undoubtedly rise to the top and find success.

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