Blondie DJ and Bartender Daniel, Gives us the Inside Track on Cape Town’s Best Venues, Collectives, and DJs

Cape Town has always loved music, so it’s no surprise that its nightlife is thriving again post-pandemic. So, where to find the best gigs and club nights, then? What better place to start than asking a local?

Local bartender and DJ Daniel Remoundos-Green works at Blondie, one of the city’s hottest spots. Our tour guide, Daniel, is awestruck by the nightlife of Cape Town. He loves the music, the vibe, the excitement, and the genuine good times.

He believes firmly in the interconnectedness of music, and access to digital spaces means that international artists get their sounds heard here. That musical network also creates avenues for tours, live gigs, and tourism. The lifeblood of CT’s scene.

Daniel Remoundos-Green at Blondie.

There are an incredible amount of unbelievably talented musicians and artists performing around the city; however, their gigs generally aren’t as well attended as those offering dance-oriented electronic music. I’d love to see both thrive and thrive and collaborate. Who says the two are or should be separate entities?

And where does this local boy suggest seeing the best the scene offers:


Blondie gets an honorable mention. Other nearby spots would be The Moveable Feast and The Power and the Glory (P&G to locals), where unforgettable pregames, happen termed ‘pres’ (pronounced ‘preeze’), have been had before riding the night out or heading to clubs that stay open later and play electronic music on larger sound systems.

Despite humanity’s shift towards existing more and more within the digital realm, going out remains an all but universal favorite pastime, with Cape Town no exception to the rule.- Daniel Remoundos-Green

This genuine inherent charisma and appreciation Remoundos-Green feels for his city, artists, and proudness. It is so hard to come by nowadays, everywhere, the eagerness, the ideas, the support. Some people are just born grateful and grow happy, knowing it could always be worse.

The cherry on your martini, check out: Daniel’s Soundcloud!

While he was busy making drinks, he created a plan for the weekend based on what I liked and did for everyone willing to ask. As Daniel’s insights were pouring (pun intended) and after turning left to see such a long line made me think of Blondie’s as a launchpad, where you are the astronaut. If you let him, he will skyrocket you to the right places, which is very much appreciated. He was the one who nailed it from over a dozen locals, and his recommendations held truth.


Mødularis his favorite Cape Town rave. Is known for his hard techno and other fast-paced electronic music from flash drives and vinyl. He has been partied for years and closed down the main stage for Xylem, a Cape Town music collective. Keep an eye on Instagram for new parties.


To listen to finely curated music regularly, look no further than Cape Town’s very own Hamshack Radio (Instagram: @hamshackradio), which has recently settled into a new spot on Loop Street. Another excellent online radio show is The Other Radio (@the_other_radio_


Mouth2Mouth Collective, one of his first introductions to the good Cape Town’s nightlife, the guys have consistently hosted some of the best parties seen in the city [ @re.dah_; @gotomfoster_; @tafarasithole; @_.tomasi._; @liamaswell; @whosdatbuoy ]

Xylem, Hosts First Thursdays at Mødular, new, but the quality is high [ @xylemct; @finleyschuiling; @craigvandijk; @m.a.x.o.s_ ]

Tribe CPT/The Portland Programme, the veterans that have played just about everywhere in the city [@gotomfoster_; @mazinjeppie


@aaronzeedez; @josh_rothenburg; @hectoroffabean; @tom_pretorius @morningyoke); @oupa_1; @shift_mawelele; @deanoknowledge; @vat_69____; @oliverschuurmans; @athiiimaq; @l.v.wessels; @username666.021; @robbie_dinnie; @discomanos; @locked_illusions, and @theebogeyboys.

Whoever said Blondies have more fun was obviously getting their drinks from the wrong brunette.

This article is a collaboration with music traveling journalist Troy Bronson for God of Sound.™

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