Holly Herndon turned Mr. BBQ Beer Freedom’s protest into a sound meme

The musician made fun of Trump’s passionate supporter by digitally altering his protest and turning his sprawling shouts against Biden (“he’s stealing the election!”) Into an electronic moan.

On Wednesday, November 4, a Donald Trump supporter interrupted the press conference that Joe Gloria of the Clark County Election Department was holding in Las Vegas to talk about the votes not yet counted. A sensitive issue: Nevada is one of the states in which presidential elections are decided.

The man suddenly appeared behind Gloria wearing camouflage shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt with the words “BBQ Beer Freedom” (barbecue, beer, freedom). Outright angry, he yelled that “the Biden crime family is stealing the election and the media are covering up!” and that “we want freedom for the world! Give us our freedom, Joe Biden! ‘

The short video made the rounds of social media, accompanied by ironic comments – “barbecue, beer, freedom” is actually a fabulous slogan. The footage ended up in Holly Herndon’s hands . The American musician, one of the most popular on the contemporary electronic scene, has transformed the screams of man into a distorted electronic lament. With the addition of glitches and background sounds, Mr. BBQ Beer Freedom’s sprawling protest became a fantastic sound meme. There he is:

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