Imagine Writing, Producing, and Starring in Your Own Film: Introducing Ursula Maria

Ursula Maria

The phenomenal actress who did just that called her film ‘Imag-in’. Following its success, Ursula Maria won the award for best actress and has had many other projects screened at film festivals.

Originally from Austria, Ursula mainly resides in Los Angeles now where she is represented by a talent agency as well as a team of managers. 

Throughout her career in performing arts as a model, actress, and dancer Ursula had the chance to work with plenty of outstanding talent, including Willie Gault, Snoop Dogg, Affion Crockett, Jessica Moore, Julian Jackson, Stacy Lyles, and many, many more.


While most people would see speaking a different language as a barrier to success, inclusion, and communication in general, Ursula Maria attributes her bilingual skill to her success in the industry. She also leveraged two of the other characteristics she mentioned that were key to her success: Punctuality and Reliability. These simple yet powerful and often overlooked qualities are what separates ‘the average’ from ‘the greats’ and they’re not based on talent rather they are based on character which you can decide to develop and improve at any time. People like to work with people who are on time and well prepared. Nobody has time to wait on anyone and only reliable people will get hired again and again.


Ursula Maria shared with us the importance of staying hopeful for happiness and success in your future although life is very unpredictable, as we have all seen now with the pandemic. Never stop dreaming and looking forward to a life and career that fulfills you. “I’d love to buy a house and have lots of money invested, but I don’t have any specific financial goals. I mean, everyone wants to make as much money as possible, right?”, she said, when we asked her about her financial goals. 

Of course, we had to take a sneak peek into a day in her life, and figure out how she stays in such great shape. In particular, her morning routine was interesting to us. Ideally, Ursula likes to get her daily exercise done first thing in the morning as she feels that working out early makes for the best days. To really get a good workout in, she devotes around two hours, and that doesn’t include the shower afterward. It’s not a strict daily ritual obviously, due to the nature of her work and busy schedule but she does try to find the time to do it at the beginning of her day as often as possible. “I just feel like my whole day is much better afterwards. You will never regret getting your workout done early.” she says. Afterwards, she loves to enjoy some coffee. 

In her spare time Ursula prioritizes her passions which are her love for music and dance. She’s also very active, so fitness plays a huge part in her life. Ursula loves going to the beach, or just staying home and reading. “Sometimes, I like to go out at night. It really depends on my mood. Occasionally I enjoy binging a mini series.” 

There’s just no stopping her insatiable drive for success, and the actress shared with us that she’s looking forward to future work on amazing projects with more awesome and talented people. “I have some movies lined up that I am very excited about. And you’ll never know what gets added to my schedule, since auditions and projects can come in anytime.”


I guess that keeps things very exciting. 

We hope you enjoyed this article and we’ll leave you with this question: What characteristics do you possess which will set you apart for success in your dream field?

You can follow Ursula Maria on Instagram and Twitter @ursula_maria_

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