Being a staple for major platforms like BET, MTV, VH1, and GQ Magazine, Ishell Vaughan’s stylistic approach is at the intersection of immersive storytelling and cinematography. He is not only a music video director but an editor as well. His multifaceted visual expertise molds the future of Hip Hop. 

Ishell knew that success wouldn’t come easy. Burdened by college debt and struggling to keep his 9-5, Ishell used to break out his camera only to shoot short videos for friends and family. It wasn’t until his good friend offered to pay him to shoot a baby shower, however, that Ishell realized he just might be able to eke out a living through his passion for filmmaking. Now with over 1 million views and counting on YouTube, Ishell sat down to share the secrets to success and ability to overcome the crippling mindset of fear that plagued him early on.

One look at Ishell’s YouTube channel shows just how powerfully he has managed to transform that fear to his benefit. From early Army recruitment videos, to popular music videos with 180K+ views, Ishell has embraced his own style and transformed early fears into a speedy succession of successes. His director’s reel demonstrates clearly his ability to handle everything from commercial shoots to chase scenes with a poise and clarity par-none. 

Only through hard work and a focused vision has Ishell so successfully carved out his own niche in the overcrowded entertainment space, gaining the praise and respect of critics. As a director and filmmaker, Ishell recognizes the diverse array of talents required to tackle big projects in the industry, especially when working with creative clients like rapper Lil Durk and internationally renowned singer Akon. 

On the off chance that he is not working, Ishell loves spending time with his family and friends. He also finds engaging in self-developing activities like going to the movies, animes, traveling, going to the race track and working on cars most fulfilling. With the belief that passion is the root and foundation of a successful career; to build strong careers, we must fortify the root! This is his motivation towards using his skills and expertise to help those whose lives would be enriched by it.

Moving forward, Ishell is looking forward to the release of “My First Film,” written and directed by his mentor, Rock Davis. Ishell served as Director of Photography for the piece, cutting his teeth for the first time on larger projects. Ishell Vaughan has earned his flowers, as a leader in film and an innovator of hip hop. Follow his work and get acquainted with his art via his social media and website. 

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