Lady Gaga wears all her most amazing outfits for an election video

The pop star has pulled out the most iconic looks of her career to convince her fans to vote: “It doesn’t matter if you have no confidence in the system, the future is in your hands”


After last Monday’s post in which she deposited the vote by mail with a sweatshirt and pink wedge boots – accompanied by the notes of BabylonLady Gaga is back to talk about elections with a video in which she wears all the most iconic clothes of her career and explains why everyone needs to go to the polls.

“We’re almost there, and we need to talk,” says the pop star. «First of all I would like to say something to those who have already voted: thank you, you have done your part and I love you, but I don’t have to talk to you. I have to make a speech to those who are not planning to vote, who may no longer believe in voting in general ». As he speaks, he alternates between the raw meat suit that Frank Fernandez designed for the 2010 MTV VMAs, the Super Bowl leotard, the Poker Face costume, and so on.

“No matter how you feel about the election, you are responsible. Maybe you are fed up with arguments, frustrated by the pandemic. Maybe you don’t like the candidates or are put off by the system and have decided not to be a part of it. But the government won’t go away, and unless you have a plane ticket to another country, this is your home, ”Gaga continued. “No matter how you feel, the future is still in your hands with this vote.”

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