Music Producer Hot Money aka Patrick Osei’s 4 secrets to music success

patrick osei

With over 20 years of experience, Patrick tells us today what it takes to be successful, and of course, how you can grow professionally. He is a music producer, audio engineer, and the founder of Hot Money Studios. 

The beginning of his career

His journey in the music industry started in 2001 when he secured his first recording contract in the UK. In only two years since then, he had a strong reputation within the UK Garage/Grime scene but after that, Patrick decided to take a break and learn more about the business side of music. This is how in 2008 he manages to launch the Hot Money Studios. How is possible to stand out in an industry where the competition is super high? By being authentic for sure. Hot Money Studio adds a bit of style and authenticity to the music they produce by providing that major label sound at indie rates. 

Goals and Achievements 

Hot Money Studio hosted big names of the rap industry in the UK until date and had brilliant achievements. For example, they were part of the top 40 UK hit record in the mainstream charts. The business is very successful, popular and the future looks quite bright for them. Patrick is planning to build a music licensing company and after that to sell beats to independent musicians. His vision does not stop here, by 2023 Patrick plans to make Hot Money Studios a seven-figure revenue. Everything can be achieved if you have a vision and if you make it a plan. After that, the hard work kicks in and you need to learn how disincline and ambition work together. Always learn from mistakes and don’t let failure put you down. This is what inspired Patrick to become the person he is today. 

His daily activities

Stay with us if you are curious to find out more about how all these things are possible. We will talk now about what it really takes, in very practical words, to be successful in your niche. For example, Patrick’s routine starts with a workout, then he checks his emails, time for office or studio. After that he is caught up in music sessions, phone calls in between, and finally before going to sleep he takes time to read. He strongly believes that pain is only temporary and that with focus, discipline, and hard work great things happen. In his free time, Patrick likes to listen to Jazz, read, and watch Netflix. 

Inspiration to succeed

Like many of us, Patrick got his inspiration and motivation from famous people such as Gary Vee and Elon Musk. Without a doubt, we all have something to learn from them, but also Patrick mentioned that one of his biggest inspirations is his dad. Family comes in the first place when it comes to the biggest achievements in life. Patrick himself said that the happiest day of his life was when his child was born, and a key moment of his life was when he became a father. 

Find out more about the founder of Hot Money Studio by checking his Instagram @officialhotmoney or Facebook here 

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