A Musical Missionary: Jowy Cenat

jowy cenat

Jowy Cenat is a young piano player form Queens, New York who has been making big moves over the past year. But he is more than just a talented pianist, he is an author with a great entrepreneurial spirit who has been helping the younger generation with their struggles in business and school. We caught up with him to hear more about what he’s been doing over the past year.

An Accomplished Individual

Cenat is a descendant of Haitians, and their Caribbean culture has a great influence on his music and on his life as he can speak French, and he infuses Caribbean rhythms and styles into his music. Cenat is a dedicated pianist, playing the instrument and homing his craft for at least two hours every day. However, he has also had success outside of the musical sphere, graduating from university with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a dual minor in Holistic and Public Health; he plans on going to graduate school to study Occupational Therapy as well. We can see that Cenat is a more well-rounded individual than what one might expect of the standard piano player, and there are yet still more sides to him than what we have already discussed. Cenat has been studying the craft of musicianship and playing in public in addition to deepening his understanding of the wider implications of the music business. He has since compiled all of this knowledge into his new book “Video Influencer Authority … Guide to Growing your Social Online Presence and Making Money, Becoming a YouTube Creator.” This is where the “missionary” side of Cenat comes into play.

A Missionary in the Music Business

Cenat is finding a nice area of business for himself recently, helping other musicians to achieve their potential in the music industry. He described to us a visit he made to Haiti when he was just fourteen years old. He looked around his ancestral homeland and realised how much more opportunity he has living in the United States of America; he says that this was a deeply humbling experience for him. Clearly, this humility has had great influence on his new business ventures as well. The music industry is often very cutthroat and vicious, or so we are led to believe by the testimony of those who have been involved in it, and the various movies and tv shows about the industry. So that’s why Cenat is somewhat of a missionary to the downtrodden and disheartened young musicians of the world, he is offering to help them achieve their dreams through his vast knowledge of how the industry works. He says that this particular venture of his is one he wants to grow over the next ten years. It should be possible for him to do this too; he lives a very regimented and structured lifestyle which highlights his self-discipline and determination to succeed. Moreover, he practices meditation and is a believer in self peace, saying that once you love yourself then it becomes much easier to spread and generate positivity in the world, as well as enabling you to have more meaningful relationships with others. All of these elements of his lifestyle point to a person who is hungry for success, and when his business is helping you succeed in your music career, you should stand to have great fortune working with him. He even offers some of this advice for free on his YouTube channel (linked below), as well as tips for other, non-musical, individuals such as college students.

You can follow Jowy Cenat on these social media platforms:

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JowyCenat.Pianist

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