“One Drum Roll at a Time”: Sam Slattery inspires history and overcomes by building an Ibiza legacy.

What would you do if you were offered a full-time job that involves playing music, partying with the likes of Wayne Lineker, and spraying champagne on your fans on the beautiful coast of Ibiza? 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s precisely what 27-year-old drummer/percussionist Sam  Slattery landed.  

From a humble beginning in Bromley, Sam left for Brighton to pursue his music. No stranger to music, Sam laid his hands on a violin before he could even write. The drums soon found him by the time he was 8. Enthralled by the experience, he was already performing local gigs.  

As time passed, Sam molded himself into a fine young commercial pop drummer who beats as one with the D.J he’s performing with. Accompanied by a saxophonist and the occasional trumpet player, Sam creates an eclectic vibe that can seldom be resisted.  

Spoken in the same breath as Susan Boyle, D.J Colin Frances, and D.J Tom Zanetti, among others,  Sam has conjured quite an intimidating C.V.  

Though life hasn’t been a bed of roses all along the way, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the young age of 18; his health hasn’t been by his side amidst all this fame. As an inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s has had a tight grip on Sam’s touring schedule.  

Citing the setbacks with a pinch of salt, Sam graciously jokes about the disease by saying, “Let’s just say I have used most of the toilets in the UK or Europe for that matter. And I always have spare clothes with me!” Sam’s resilience is quite evident from talking to him when he is self-injecting himself with Infliximab once every two weeks. 

With eyes focused on the horizon, Sam wishes to collaborate with Drake. Justin Bieber, Burna Boy, and MK to name a few. Desiring to see James Brown or Jackson 5 perform live. Sam has come quite a long way himself. 

Getting back to the dream job offer that Sam was presented, the story started on a sunny afternoon in Ibiza in 2018. Catering to his busy schedule, Sam was doing his business as usual. Little did he know that Tony Truman, a big-shot Ibiza mogul, had quietly noticed him.  

Picking up a call from an unknown Spanish number, Sam had the ground from under his feet pulled as Mr. Truman offered him the highly sought-after post. Asked to take over as the new headline residency musician at O Beach Ibiza, Sam had officially landed the biggest residency gig in the world’s best party island! 

He participated in the ITV dating show, but he also has played at Buckingham palace to Drake’s Mayfair afterparty, Sam has come a long way.

Sam has found balance between health struggles while being a now-known character on Europe’s hottest island. Find him at O Beach Ibiza, or the sound of his drums will find you first as they march your entrance into the island’s hottest spot.

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