Watch the video for ‘Let Down’, the new single from Paris Jackson

Michael’s daughter also announced the album, arriving on November 13: “Thanks to those who have always encouraged me to do what makes me happiest, that is, making music”

Michael’s daughter Paris Jackson has released her new single Let Down , a preview of her debut album Wilted , out on November 13 for Republic Records.

The song was written by Andy Hull, the Jackson and the Manchester Orchestra while in the video directed by Meredith Alloway we find Paris starring in a dance, singing of broken hearts. You can find it above.

“I am grateful to my friends, my family and my colleagues for always supporting and encouraging me to do what makes me happiest, which is to make music,” she writes on Instagram. “This song means a lot to me, because even though it’s a small part of a much bigger story, I’ve poured my heart and soul into it. This song is my baby, making it gives me hope and I hope it brings joy to all who listen to it ».

Last summer, Jackson released an EP with the band Soundflowers, a duo he forms with Gabriel Glenn. The lead single, You Look (Glorious) was produced by his brother Prince. There he is:

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