Yair Dabush – “Twitch Has Turned Into Last Man Standing”

Yair Dabush

Streaming platform Twitch by Amazon has turned into a mass grave for online entertainment figures. Reports claim that Amazon has been DMCA striking popular Twitch channels that play copyrighted music. We’ve discussed the issue with one of Israel’s biggest gaming content creators, Yair Dabush.

Ruthless System

In October, Twitch suspended DragonForce guitarist Herman Li for playing his own music.
Amazon’s idea of an online entertainment atmosphere sounds rather quiet. Streamers are now encouraged not to play music during live broadcasts.

– The online gaming community has turned into Last Man Standing. Channels and accounts are being suspended, struck, and warned left, right and center because of aggressive DMCA copyright filters, Yair Dabush states in an interview with GOS.

Opinions From An Expert

Yair, who is one of the most popular gaming content creators and YouTubers in Israel has taken steps in an attempt to ensure the safety of his channels.

– I’ve been reaching out directly to several artists to receive their explicit permission to use their music during live broadcasts and gameplay. Something the artists themselves don’t have an issue with at all.

Music artist Xavier Wulf took to Twitter in frustration after claims that his music was being DMCA struck without his knowledge and permission in June 2020, stating that “my music is for the world”.

Keeps An Eye On The Industry

Yair Dabush, who is widely regarded as one of the biggest YouTubers and content creators in Israel has seen a decrease in viewer engagement across the channels he utilizes the most.

– People don’t tune in for silence. If you have to go to the bathroom, streamers normally turn on some music so the channel isn’t completely quiet. Now that people can’t use music in their streams, people leave and find other active streamers to watch.

Complete Mess – Twitch Apologizing

Twitch’s DMCA scan bot has also struck channels for playing games, which is what the platform is all about. This is because the games the streamers play often include clips and sounds that are copyrighted. The company issued an apology earlier in November that deleted clips and sound recordings are being DMCA struck, and encourages content creators to immediately delete aged content that may be in violation of the new copyright policies, according to Ars Technica.

– I Disagree

While Dabush is mainly focused on the content creation side of the gaming industry, recording, editing, and publishing YouTube videos, he feels that the harsh persecution of streamers and creators on Twitch is unjustified.

– Twitch’s new DMCA guidelines don’t affect me that much, as I mainly focus on pushing my content to platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, where my main following is.

– I do, however, feel that live streams aren’t considered redistribution channels. YouTube practice strict copyright and DMCA rules, because content uploaded to YouTube stays up unless taken down. But in difference to Twitch, the content is streamed once and isn’t by default saved to the creator’s channel, unless it’s saved (clipped), Dabush finishes.

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