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Sunil Patel, more commonly known as Shahs is one of the very few brilliant entrepreneurs that has managed to succeed in a career that is as difficult as the entertainment and luxury concierge services! In over 18 years Sunil has helped hundreds of stars, celebrities, artists and performers with their concierge, travel and accommodations needs.

Entrepreneurship Start – How It All Began

Getting your own career started can turn out to be a fairly challenging task to say the least – and this only rings truer when it comes to career paths such as entrepreneurship! Most successful entrepreneurs had some kind of early start, and Shahs is no exception to the fact. He started working on the path he has now proudly forged from himself ever he was 16 and looking with bright eyes towards his future!
His first ventures in the world of entrepreneurship happened to all be in within the concierge, luxury accommodations, and hospitality – and all of the experience he has acquired working under such areas has gained him a very advantageous head-start when compared to the rest of his competitors!

How To Be An Entrepreneur – Characteristics For Success

Everyone on this Earth is different, and that makes each of us fit for one job or another. Shahs’ characteristics, however, seem to have simply set him up for success! As a hardworking man, Shahs does his best to get done any kind of job that needs to get done, no matter how much elbow grease said job may need. In order to succeed in such a prestigious, people-heavy area of work, you’d need to have a very careful eye when it comes to details – which is one of Shahs’ main redeeming qualities!

Shahs is a man that is extremely attentive to details – no matter how big or small they may be! This makes him perfect for his chosen industries, especially since the people that he tends to work with appreciate a well-done job with virtually no mistakes present!

This also differentiates him from his competitors, since not everyone has the required eye to do the job as perfectly as Shahs does it! Complete customer satisfaction is also something that is extremely critical for Shahs – an unhappy customer is a job that just hasn’t been actually completed, and absolute completion is extremely important for Shahs!

Future Of Entrepreneurship – Planning Ahead

A lot of people have future goals, especially when it comes to their careers and possibly advancing their positions in their respective fields – but Shahs has thought not only about his future, he has also thought about the future of others! Not many tend to think about the well-being of the other people in their respective industry, especially since those same people that may need help sooner or later are considered competitors – and such a challenging mentality can actually hurt a business, rather than help it grow.

This is why Shahs plans on helping himself help others by growing his personal assets! Although everyone wishes to increase the amount of resources they have available for both themselves AND their company, but not many plan on using a part of those resources for the sake of helping the supposed competition. This is yet another redeeming quality that sets Shahs apart, which has actually ended up increasing his motivation to do as well as he possibly can in his respective field!

The main people that Shahs aims to help would be his clients, which can also be his competitors. Of course, clients always come first in Shahs’ book, but helping all of the people around him when needed is something he also aims to do, be they a competitor, a client, a newbie to the entire field of work or simply family.

Of course, Shahs, like any other wonderful entrepreneur, can be found on Instagram with the name of @Shahs ! Give him a follow if you wish to see his endeavours unfold with your own two eyes! And if you happen to be an entertainment personality, musician, singer or performer reach out to him for present and future concierge needs all around the globe.

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