Adele came back and sang on ‘Saturday Night Live’


The star led the show, explaining that her new album isn’t finished yet, but giving a taste of her biggest hits in a hilarious parody of ‘The Bachelor’.

Adele is back to host Saturday Night Live for the first time in her career, after her last performance as a musical guest on the show in 2015. The star began her monologue by attributing to SNL with her breakthrough in the United States. her cult program debut in 2012, in an episode starring Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Adele also answered some of the network’s questions: “I know there is a lot of talk about my being present. Like: “Why aren’t you the musical guest?” and things like that, ”he explained. “Well, there are a couple of reasons: my album is not finished and doing both things scares me,” he said anticipating that he would not sing on the show, precisely because his new album, highly anticipated sequel to25 released in 2015, it’s not finished yet. : “I’d rather put on some wigs, have a glass or six of wine and see what happens!”

At the end of last year, the singer had said that the next record would be released in September, but her manager Jonathan Dickins explained in June: “We are all in the same boat, you work on something and then, suddenly, the world stops. It will arrive when it is ready. We can’t announce a date yet. We have material, but we are still working ».

Rumors speak of collaborations with Raphael Saadiq and John Legend on new music, as well as with Paul Epworth, who co-wrote the 2011 hit Rolling in the Deep and James Bond’s Oscar-winning song Skyfall with Adele . “Every time there is more and more pressure,” Epworth said. “It comes from the fact that the first fucking thing we wrote was Rolling in the Deep . The expectation is incredible ».

Adele then, of course, sang during the broadcast: after participating in several sketches, she also appeared in the role of herself in a hilarious parody of The Bachelor , interrupting her appointments and annoying the other contestants by starting to sing from nowhere. of his hits like Someone Like You, When We Were Young, Hello , to close with a full-blown final on the notes of Rolling in the Deep .

The musical guest of the evening was HER, who performed his new pieces, Damage and Hold On .

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