Adele will host the new episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’


Will this be the right time for the singer to announce new music?

Adele will be the host of the next episode of Saturday Night Live , which will air on October 24th. The musical guest of the evening will be HER Adele announced it with a post on Instagram: «I’m super excited! And also absolutely terrified! It is the first time that I lead. I’ve always wanted to do it, but it was never the right time. But 2020 is perhaps the year when you can jump upside down hoping for the best. The first time I appeared on this show was 12 years ago… and we were in the middle of the election. The circle is closed ».

The announcement is not about new music, but there are several people who believe that Adele will use the show to talk about her new, highly anticipated album. His latest work, 25 , came out in 2015.

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